Al-Sharif Arabians

Show Incentive Program

We are very proud of the foals our beautiful stallion Midnight Enchantr is producing, so we are offering a Show Incentive Program which provides money payouts to his foals who are excelling in the show ring!  Listed below are the payouts available:
~ For a first place win at a local show $25
~ For a first place win at a Class A Show $50
~ For a Regional Top 5 $75
~ For a Regional Reserve or Championship $100
~ For a National Top Ten $500
~ For a National Reserve or Championship $1,000

Program Details

This incentive program applies to both Halter and Performance divisions. Incentives will be paid a maximum of three times at each level for each horse. Incentives will be paid to the owner of the horse at the time the horse was shown and upon submission of the following information to Al-Sharif Arabians:

~ Horse Name
~ Owner Name
~ Owner Address, Phone #, & E-mail
~ Show Name, Location, & Date
~ Division, Class, & Placing
~ Organizer Name and Phone

Horses eligible for our Show Incentive Program:

All foals sired by our stallion Midnight Enchantr.    Click here to see foals sired by Midnight Enchantr!

Breed your mare to Midnight Enchantr and your foal will be eligible for our Show Incentive Program too!

NOTE: Al-Sharif Arabians reserves the right to modify or discontinue this program without notice at any time.

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