Foals from

Commander Winter Raven

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2006 Black/White Pinto Colt
Checkered to Win 
2006 Black/White Pinto Half-Arabian Colt
(Midnight Enchantr  x  Commander Winter Raven)

2005 Black/White Pinto Filly
Kahlua Kiss 
2005 Black/White Pinto Half-Arabian Filly
(Midnight Enchantr  x  Commander Winter Raven)

2004 Black/White Pinto Filly
Winters Habanfyre 
2004 Black/White Pinto American Saddlebred Filly
(Habanero! Habanero!  x  Commander Winter Raven)

2003 Black/White Pinto Filly
Winters First Frost 
2003 Black/White Pinto American Saddlebred Filly
(Razz's Special Effects  x  Commander Winter Raven)

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