The Homozygous "EE" Black Horse

What is the Homozygous Black Gene?

The red coat color in horses is inherited as a trait recessive to black. A blood test for the red factor, based on DNA analysis, provides the information to determine what color offspring a horse can throw. The absence of the red factor presents itself as "E".

"E" = no red factor detected. The horse can be assumed to be homozygous for black pigment (EE). It cannot have red foals (chestnut or sorrel) regardless of the color of the mate.

A mare bred to a Homozygous black stallion can produce the following foal coat colors:

Mare's Coat Color Resulting Foal's Coat Color
Black Black
Bay Black or Bay
Chestnut or Sorrel Black or Bay
Grey Grey, Black, or Bay

Note:  This chart has been simplified to represent the most common coat colors.

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